About us

Achieve more with the same energy and resources

It soon becomes clear that Claudia's heart lies in research. Research is fun because you can be uninhibitedly inquisitive, ask questions and discover things. And on top of that, it helps organizations and governments to achieve their goals effectively. They achieve more with the same energy and resources. Claudia's working method is very personal; because each study requires customization. Together with her clients, she formulates the goals and then proceeds to achieve them. Claudia is always transparent and happy to share her knowledge and experience with others.

Will you achieve your goals this year? Claudia de Graauw can tell you the answer with certainty. Like no other, she knows how to objectively map out which projects, programs, and policies actually deliver or will deliver through effect measurements, evaluations, and monitoring. After thorough and proper research, all relevant information is presented to you clearly and efficiently. This gives you a handy document with which you can actually take action to shape the future.

Targeted, practical and efficient

Claudia has carried out effect measurements within the most diverse sectors. She has a lot of practical experience with different research methods, gained insight into target ranges, and developed a broad vision. This allows her to effectively brainstorm with her clients and come up with targeted solutions. Claudia always opts for the most practical approach. You obviously must actually be able to do something with the research results. Because of this realistic and highly efficient approach, Claudia de Graauw's services will prove to be very affordable.

Sharing knowledge and experience

Claudia believes it is essential that research is accessible for everyone. That is why she has taught students and professionals in many places on how to best approach their research, what to look out for, and, even more importantly, how to make them enthusiastic about research. Her passion for research is contagious when she lectures and teaches courses about the different aspects of doing research. To make her knowledge and experience available to everyone, she, together with her colleague Karien, converts her knowledge into easily accessible digital courses and e-books. These are available in both Dutch and English. You can find her Dutch courses at www.academievooronderzoek.nl and her English courses at www.helpmewithmyresearch.com.

The team of Claudia de Graauw

Claudia  works together with a team of researchers and specialists to carry out the research and at the same time shares her knowledge about researching. Thus building a team with professionals with a passion for their profession.


Senior researcher

Claudia de Graauw founded her own research company in 2010 after working for several research companies and in-house research teams. With her research agency, she mainly focuses on measuring effects. She helps organizations formulate their goals and clarify whether the policies and projects they implement contribute to achieving these goals. In addition to measuring effects, she has been teaching research to professionals and students for several years already. As of late, these lessons are progressively compiled in 'the academy for research' in digital lessons and e-books.


Senior researcher and data analyst

Marly is an experienced and driven quantitative market researcher and data analyst. She assists and advises on quantitative projects. Marly is a specialist in marketing intelligence: translating (customer) information into actionable business insights. She is entrepreneurial, customer-oriented, accurate, and analytical, but also thoughtful, honest, quality-driven, and practical.



Saskia is a very experienced researcher in all kinds of sectors. As a researcher, she is eager to solve a client's question/problem/issue. Her strong points are being analytic, flexible, decisive, empathic, loyal, calm, and hardworking. In short, she is a driven, enthusiastic professional who is able to translate research data (qualitative or quantitative) into meaningful conclusions and recommendations. Saskia has good communication skills and is used to working on several projects simultaneously while still meeting all deadlines. A deal is a deal. Her ultimate goal is a satisfied client.



Karien's curiosity led her to Claudia. After studying Cultural Social Education, she started working for various companies. There she gained a lot of experience in organizing complex activities. She loves a challenge. Karien supports Claudia in both quantitative and qualitative research.


Data analyst en data visualizer

Hebe is proficient in business intelligence, data visualization, and Excel. With her knowledge and skills, she helps with the quantitative aspects of research. Hebe is accurate, entrepreneurial, communicative, specific, and resourceful. She provides data analyses and visualizations in reports and creates fact sheets to make research results clear and accessible.


Support and data visualizer

Wendy provides practical support to Claudia and her researchers for various studies. This includes, for example, the organization of group discussions, the creation of dashboards for reports, and the programming of questionnaires. Wendy also helps with quantitative analyses in Excel. She creates data visualizations and dashboards. Wendy is flexible, likes to brainstorm on solutions, and is always eager to learn.



Marieke reads all our pieces together with us so that the studies are not only correct in terms of content but are also pleasant to read.


Marketing and technical support academy for research

Kayleigh has the websites, blogs, and emails under her care. She makes sure she gets the content supplied timely by the researchers, then she pours it into the proper format, solves technical problems. She also contributes her ideas on how to reach people interested in research.